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Gilbert Splett aka Grimblee was born In Los Angeles, California. After moving around from the Midwest to Southwest, he ended up in Utah learning all sorts of musical outlets starting with Guitar and then discovered “Fruity Loops”, a computer based production software. Grimblee instantly downloaded a demo as soon as he found out that you could produce music from your mind to an interface. From that point he went on learning all different styles of music including Dubstep and Drum & Bass to IDM and Hip Hop.
Grimblee has worked on a few tracks with a group called (n1nth)cloud and it wasn’t until about ’07 that he started working with LFO’s and extreme space noises… Soon after that is when he realized his dream; to become a Producer and perform music with large, heavy basslines for people who love to get down.
Grim has signed tracks to 2 Much Bass Records, Heavy Artillery and now FurtherSound Digital; the future is only going to get more and more rowdy for this up and coming Artist.